KF-Acres Sheep Farm

Just a little different!

Current Sires:

Natural Colored Sires:

KF-Acres 1805F "Selfie" RR

"Monkey Rench" x "Sara" (Joe Jr. Daughter)

Owned with Borcher Sheep Co

3rd medium fall ram lamb 2018 NAILE

"Selfie" has a bright spot in both breeding programs, and will be the main sire in the next few years in both as well.  There is a phenomenal amount of good in this sheep with his front end extension, balance, eye appeal, thickness, and bonework.  Even better he brings a great stud ewe mother to the equation, who has produced one stud ram before him, and now one after. 

KF-Acres 1907F "K-SHE" QR

Purebred Rambouillet

It would have been an oops, if we hadn't known both parents carried a color gene, and we were trying to get lucky and get it to pop.  Here he is, the extremely good made, Rambouillet colored buck.  He's just a baby, but he's got a huge future in this breed!

4Q 1919 "Pale Face" RR

KF-Acres 1801F "Grafitti" RR x Borcher (Travaille/ Crago) RR

"Pale Face" is the result of two purchases from the KF/ Borcher very first online sale being mated together, and gosh did it click a homerun!  "Pale Face" brings together a topside of the pedigree with some tried and true- double bred "Cabela" line, with a bottom side completely outcross for us- Travaille/ Crago/ Homestead.

He's an exciting addition!  Thanks to the Quarne's for selling him to us.


Reference Sires:

KF-Acres 1600 "Camo Ammo" RR

"Beer Money" x "Cabela"
Owned with Ryan Gann, IL

Champion/ high selling ram 2016 IL NC Sale

2nd early junior ram lamb at Illinois 2016

2nd early junior ram lamb, overall best fleeced ram, KY 2016

Borcher 401 "Monkey Rench" RR

Purebred straight Mary Jane Rench bred Columbia
Double bred "Burnout"


Photo taken as a mature ram, April 2017.