KF-Acres Sheep Farm

Just a little different!

Current Sires:

Natural Colored Sires:

KF-Acres 1805F "Selfie" RR

"Monkey Rench" x "Sara" (Joe Jr. Daughter)

Owned with Borcher Sheep Co

3rd medium fall ram lamb 2018 NAILE

"Selfie" has a bright spot in both breeding programs, and will be the main sire in the next few years in both as well.  There is a phenomenal amount of good in this sheep with his front end extension, balance, eye appeal, thickness, and bonework.  Even better he brings a great stud ewe mother to the equation, who has produced one stud ram before him, and now one after.  

KF-Acres 1812 "Purple Smoke" RR

4th finewool spring ram 2018 NAILE
KF-Acres 1813 "MIND=BLOWN" RR

"Monkey Rench" x "Chalk Outline"

These exciting ram prospects remind me a ton of their maternal grandsire, "Chrome" with his massive body and very production oriented look.  They're both big ribbed, deep bodied, structurally correct kind of a sheep, and I see much value in those thoughts.  From a female standpoint, we think these 2 rams will compliment each our ewe base quite well, especially the part of the ewe's not from the "Cabela" line, as we hope to get things lined up a little tighter in those genetics from here on out.  .  

KF-Acres 1600 "Camo Ammo" RR

"Beer Money" x "Cabela"
Owned with Ryan Gann, IL

Champion/ high selling ram 2016 IL NC Sale

2nd early junior ram lamb at Illinois 2016

2nd early junior ram lamb, overall best fleeced ram, KY 2016

We used "Camo" for just a few fall lambs, and he did not disappoint.  Extreme length, with tons of eye appeal was the result.  We plan to use him more into the future! 

Borcher 401 "Monkey Rench" RR

Purebred straight Mary Jane Rench bred Columbia
Double bred "Burnout"

Owned with Borcher Sheep Co

Photo taken as a mature ram, April 2017.  

"Monkey" worked like a charm here this past year.  During 2018 we sold 18 stud rams, and kept back 4 ram lambs for ourselves, and almost every one of them was sired by "Monkey".  The offspring from this stud ram are extremely modern in build, being flawless in pattern, way big footed, very correct overall, and thickness for days!  2 of our 3 retained "Monkey" daughters won the 2 spring ewe lamb classes at IL State Fair this summer!  As stated by judge Rod Crome, our ewe lamb just commanded show ring presence as soon as she stepped foot on the shavings!  Monkey has sired the most high quality, consistent offspring set of any ram we have ever used, from any breed we have ever owned!

"Skipper" QR

"Skipper" is a "Gunsmoke" son with no question based on physical looks.  They say some apples don't fall far from the tree, and he certainly didn't.  He's got that topline, hip, bone, and color to go along with  it.  We like this guy a ton, and expect the bulk of 2019 spring lambs to be sired by him. 

Rambouillet Sires

Borcher 7043 "Tongue Tied" RR

2nd Yearling Ram, 2018 NAILE


Reference Sires:

KF-Acres 1828 "Black Glass" QR

Owned with Bingen Family, WI
1st fall ram lamb 2018 IL State Fair

2nd finewool fall ram lamb 2018 NAILE

The finewool colored Rambouillet ram we have all been searching for!  Tons of bone, body, and thickness!  Way neat for a purebred!

KF-Acres 1631 "Pigpen" RR

Borcher "Pongo" x Homestead 09-833

Homestead 09-833 is the twin sister to Homestead 09-832, who is the grandma and founder of the "Cabela" line.
Owned with Ryan Gann, IL

2nd late junior ram lamb at Illinois 2016
Reserve Champion Land of Lincoln Ram at Illinois 2016.
Class winning late junior ram lamb at Kentucky and WI Sheep/ Wool Fest 2016

Class winning yearling ram at Illinois 2017

Reserve Champion & Reserve Land of Lincoln Ram at Illinois 2017

2nd yearling ram 2017 NAILE

BelMar Farm 17-11 "Warfare" RR

2nd spring fine wool ram lamb, 2017 NAILE
1st yearling and Grand Champion Ram 2018 IL State Fair

1st Medium Yearling Ram 2018 NAILE

Leaf Livestock 62057 "Gordo" RR

Grand Champion Ram WI Sheep/ Wool Fest and pulled for final 4 of the Supreme Champion Drive

Class winning yearling ram at Illinois, Kentucky, and WI Sheep/ Wool Fest
Owned by Leaf Livestock, IL

"Gordo" sired a super fancy set of ewe lambs for us in the only lamb crop, and just one ram lamb.  He bred his super soft, fine fleece on routinely, and those daughters should be major breeding pieces for generations to come!

"Gordo" is the sire to "Angel Eyes", our Reserve Champion ewe at the 2017 Illinois State Fair and Reserve Champion ewe at NAILE both years she was shown there!

Wolf 13-28 "Beer Money" QR

This Wolf ram was purchased just prior to winning the 2014 National Champion ram at Louisville as our 2nd addition from that program.  He sired a nice set of females for us in the year we used him really hard.  His daughters and sons alike are extremely good patterned sheep, great structural integrity, and tons of eye appeal.  We hope the "Beer Money" daughters are wise investments into the future. 


Gehring 1418 "Smokin' Gun" QR

We purchased this PENC "Diamond Jack" son, "Smoking Gun" through the online Gehring dispersal alongside his mother, "MJ".  We then sold half interest in this ram to Borcher Sheep Co, WY.  He is now owned by Mikara Anderson, PA.

"Smoking Gun" sires lambs with extreme length of body, and plenty of growth.  The fleeces are good solid medium wool Columbia type, and his lambs tend to have plenty of color palate. 

"Midnight Gambler" QR

The "Gambler" offspring around here are hard to miss, as they're extremely moderate framed, way neat made sheep with tons and tons of bone and substance.  

"Gambler" is the big brother to "Selfie", and now has a baby brother born fall of 2018 that has a promising future as a stud ram around here!  

Gehring 1151 "GUNSMOKE" QR

We purchased half interest in this ram alongside Leaf Livestock in the Pines End/ Wolf online sale as a mature ram for $2600.  We thought buying the current record selling ram of the breed would be a great move, . 

Pines End 16-75 "Hard Time" RR

High selling ram 2017 Wolf/ PENC Online Sale

2nd fall ram lamb IL State fair open and Jr. shows

1st fall ram lamb NAILE